Free delivery service is available for local glasses orders in Hong Kong. Chinese New Year Promotion! You can enjoy an additional 5% discount by entering the discount code: CNY. Free shipping for purchases over HKD1,680 outside Hong Kong, and HKD98 for purchases below HKD1,680.

$1 for a limited time only! $1,500 Off All Handmade Japanese Glasses! There are 3 places, and the rush will be officially opened at 8:00 on the first night of the new year!

虎年將至,金山鏡匠敬祝各位新春大吉,推出新春LIMITED TIME OFFER! For only $1, you can buy a gift card with a face value of $1,500 in our store, which can be used directly as cash at online stores or in stores. It is applicable to all glasses and lenses in our store (excluding contact lens products), and all prices will be calculated after discounts , will never raise the price first and then discount. The above offer is limited to 3 people. The first day of the new year (February 1) will officially open at 20:00 pm, first come first served!

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Kanayama Crafts Kanayama Mirror Maker New Year's Offer Gift Card

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The snapping method is very simple:
2. Click checkout on the shopping cart page
3. Enter your contact information and enter the discount code "$1flashsales" on the right (this discount code will start at 20:00 on February 1, 2022 effective)
4. Enter payment information
5. Done!
Gift cards can be used directly or added to Apple Wallet, and you can pay directly with Apple Pay for shopping in stores or websites, which is convenient and fast.