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Edoryu Fuu

Edo-style design can be described as pursuing minimalism - the original pure metal frame, without any tricks, can even be said to be unremarkable. But it’s Edo-style really makes eyeglass fans love not its design, but its almost materials. Every pair of glasses is made of 100% solar platinum* to ensure that the anti-corrosion, anti-allergic aspect can be absolutely reliable.

* Sun Platinum Metal abbreviated SPM, It was developed by Shintaro Garten in 1930. It is a platinum alloy with 85% nickel, 11% chromium, and 3% silver. Due to the high affinity of SPM with the human body, it can withstand a certain degree of corrosion. It will not change color easily when placed in the air for time, and will give off a soft white gold luster after being polished. Therefore, it is widely used in dental materials and is known as the most sensitive metal.