Freddie Wood 訂製牛角眼鏡

Freddie Wood custom horn eyewear

Designed in Germany and made in Japan, Freddie Wood is arguably a blend of the best of blood. Under the collaboration of Deutsche and Yamato, designer Peter Biller infuses his works with natural elements - high-quality buffalo horn, while using hypoallergenic and high-end materials such as - titanium metal, 18K gold, white gold, silk, natural gemstones (e.g. diamond) , premium woods, every pair of buffalo horn glasses produced by Freddie Wood is the result of nature and aesthetics.

"The complexity of making horn glasses" "The unique charm of the material" "Modern and unique design"

Combining these three points has always been the philosophy and purpose of Freddie Wood. In order to implement the concept and take care of the needs of the guests, Freddie Wood provides an ordering service, and the frame, materials, and character of the cow can be customized, so that what you get is not only unique, but unique.


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