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A collection of Indian totems - Groover Spectacles Tokyo Yokohama Handmade Glasses

There are many Japanese hand-made eyewear brands, but most of them follow the classic retro route. In 2008, a brand to disrupt this situation - Groover Spectacles was born. The founder of the brand, Mr. Masaki Nakajima, has been in the optical shop opened by his father since he was a child. He majored in glasses design in college, and gradually came to the idea of "I want to make glasses that I can sell in my own shop. If I could design glasses, what would the glasses be? look?" thought. With the knowledge of glasses accumulated since childhood, combined with his strong love for Indian culture, the American-Japanese mixed-race Groover Spectacles was born.

Mr. Masaki Nakajima is still running a family optical shop.

Lithium, which has just been announced to be discontinued, incorporates a lot of Indian elements, which is Mr. Nakajima's proud work.

The vast majority of hand-made eyewear brands from Japan are produced in Sabae, Fukui, and the hometown of eyewear has spread like wildfire. Groover Spectacles did the same initially. Originally, Groover Spectacles was produced in Fukui Prefecture, a famous eyeglass production town in Japan, but Mr. Masaki Nakajima had unique requirements for production procedures and progress, so in 2015, he established his first factory "G YARD", and the site was selected. Yokohama, Tokyo. Mr. Nakajima is very strict about the quality of the products, requiring each piece of Acetate sheet to go through 10 air-drying processes to achieve a certain toughness before using it to make frames. At the same time, he invited Shuichi Watanabe, the master craftsman of Hakusan Optical Shop, to join in. With its own workshop and top-notch craftsmen, Groover Spectacles is almost unquestionable in terms of quality.

G YARD is located in Yokohama, Tokyo.

The quality control is very strict.

Mr. Nakajima will be full of wild and uninhibited atmosphere and natural Indian elements, cleverly using unique shapes, delicate color matching, as well as connotative totems and logos into Groover's full range of designs, thick and thin, in rough There are elegant details throughout the frame.

The eagle crest is Groover's most iconic pattern.

The metal core is also rich in detail.

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