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Fukui's Handmade Sci-Fi Journey - Y CONCEPT Ultra-Lightweight Titanium Glasses

Based on the established impression, Japan's Fukui hand-made glasses should feel retro, elegant, with a strong taste of literary youth or gentleman, at least not a sci-fi or high-tech style. But reality will always surprise you.

Y CONCEPT was launched in 2013, but the entire design concept actually dates back to 1994. Back then, designer ISAO HYOI set up his own studio in Fukui Prefecture to study various structural methods and components of glasses, eager to create a unique design of his own. Of course, it is easier said than done to break the old and establish the new. Mr. Hyoi made little progress in the initial period.

By chance, Mr. Hyoi found that his friend's glasses were not only heavy and clumsy, so he decided to design a pair of glasses for his friend that were both light and comfortable. With the design direction, Mr. Hyoi's main research direction was narrowed to light weight and comfort. In 2001, he published the prototype of Concept "Y", which was officially produced in 2003, and won the グッドデザイン Award (Good Design Award) in 2004. . It was also during this period that Mr. Hyojing made up his mind to establish his own brand, Y CONCEPT.

Concept "Y" is the prototype of today's Y CONCEPT.

Y CONCEPT's glasses are all hand-made in Fukui Prefecture. In order to implement the principle of light weight and comfort, all frames are made of beta titanium metal, which reduces weight and improves anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion capabilities. In addition, the elasticity of beta titanium metal is more than three times stronger than that of ordinary titanium metal, thus greatly enhancing the durability of glasses.

In terms of structure, Mr. Hyoi's brainchild, the patented design of the 4D clamp hinge, can be said to be the soul of Y CONCEPT. The hinge is composed of two rings, which can fasten the mirror arm and the mirror frame, and can also be used for opening and closing. This replaces the traditional screw structure, which not only avoids the risk of loosening the screw, but also reduces the number of mirror arms. The problem of shifting the position of the frame and making the appearance of the glasses more concise and neat, it can be seen that the hinge of the 4D clip is indeed fully functional.

The patented design of the 4D clamp hinge is Mr. Hyoi's patented design.

In addition to the 4D clip hinge, another selling point of Y CONCEPT's work is the hollow design of the glasses. The position of the frame head and the lens are separated. The design is full of futuristic sense and highlights the fine craftsmanship of the brand. In particular, most brands on the market add nylon threads to the bottom of the lens to fix the lens position, while Y CONCEPT goes the opposite way and uses nylon threads to fix it on the top of the lens. This separation design makes the frame more flexible, especially reducing the pressure on the head on the left and right sides, and adapting to different head shapes. Coupled with the integration of the bridge of the nose and the frame, the details of the glasses contain the glasses design skills of Isao Hyoi for many years.

The avant-garde upper and lower separation design greatly enhances the elasticity.

Beta titanium is Y CONCEPT's signature material.


Also available in combination with panels.

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