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American Whiskey Made in Japan — JULIUS TART OPTICAL

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JULIUS TART OPTICAL can be said to be an old American brand. The origin of the predecessor TART OPTICAL ENTERPRISES can be traced back to 1948. In the 1940s, glasses design was still basically the world of the round frame, and the Aviator pilot frame also emerged after World War II, and both of them were basically small frames. However, Mr. Julius Tart did not follow the trend. Instead, he resolutely went in the opposite direction. Using thick and thick plates, he designed the model "ARNEL" that would become an immortal legend in the future. This is definitely an epoch-making design.

With Mr. Tart's inspiration, coupled with stable and excellent quality, TART OPTICAL ENTERPRISES began to emerge, and was favored by Hollywood superstar James Dean, who was frequently worn in front of the camera, making ARNEL a popular model at that time. In the 1950s, the eyewear market firmly occupied a seat and has since embarked on the road of becoming a classic.

James Dean's ARENL look remains contemporary to this day.

In addition to ARNEL, Mr. TART has also successively designed many follow-up models, such as F.D.R., Bryan, etc., all of which set the brand's style tone for thick acetate frames. Since then, when the eyewear industry talks about American acetate frames, they will definitely Mention Mr. TART's name. Of all the models, however, the most popular is always the ARNEL.


Mr. TART's designs have survived to this day.

Johnny Depp is also a loyal supporter of ARNEL.

Lady Gaga wore the TART F.D.R. for a Supreme commercial.

The 1950s and 1960s can be said to be the golden age of the American optical industry, but with the popularization of mass production in the 1970s, coupled with the transfer of technology, including the rise of OEMs in Fukui, Japan and other places, the local optical brands in the United States have been impacted. And TART OPTICAL is more troubled by infringing and fake products. Some unscrupulous businessmen even engraved James Dean's name in the collected ARNEL frames after James Dean died in a car accident. Under the attack of many parties, TART OPTICAL ENTERPRISES finally had no choice but to close down. MOSCOT, which sold for TART OPTICAL in the early days, also took advantage of the momentum to launch a frame similar to ARNEL. After that, many brands successively launched products under the name of TART.

Until 2016, TOMMY O'GARA, NATIVE SONS, Max Pittion and the manager of the famous Japanese optical company The Light Co., was asked by a friend to find Mr. TART's works. After some data collection, he found that there are many The so-called "TART OPTICAL" are just imitations, so I contacted RICHARD TART, the nephew of JULIUS TSRT, to discuss cooperation to revive TART OPTICAL and create the most original works.

TOMMY O'GARA, the principal of The Light Co., single-handedly promotes the rebirth of TART OPTICAL.

After being officially authorized by the descendants of TART, the new TART OPTICAL chose to move its production area to Fukui, Japan, and made a lot of historical research for this. The brackets and hinges were all built according to the design specifications of the ancestor at that time, and The Cellulose Based Acetates produced by Takiron, a large Japanese manufacturer, are used, which can not only increase the durability, but also avoid the volatilization of harmful materials into the air to damage the environment, and implement the brand's purpose of emphasizing sustainability.

The newly born ARNEL returns to the world in the name of AR.

Japanese craftsmanship with American flair.

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