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Made in the name of craftsmen - Japan CRAFSIS hand-made glasses

Japanese hand-made glasses have a firm place in the eyewear industry, relying on the dedication to details and the persistence of "people". This spirit makes Japanese handmade glasses more like works of art. CRAFSIS from Sabae, Fukui, whose name is actually the abbreviation of "Craftsmanship in Sabae", promotes "Craftsmanship in Sabae" under the banner of "Craftsmanship in Sabae".

CRAFSIS is positioned as a brand with retro style.

CRAFSIS is produced by SUNREEVE Optical Co., Ltd., which has a history of more than 60 years. The senior Tuna River craftsmen in the company are the brand soul of CRAFSIS. They polish each pair of glasses with their skillful hands who have witnessed the brilliance of Japanese glasses. , polishing, stereotype adjustment, infused with the most authentic Japanese mirror-making concept.

CRAFSIS still insists on hand-made glasses.

If you look closely, you can find that each pair of CRAFSIS has hidden words left by the craftsman - the delicate engraving on the titanium parts, the smooth polishing of the surface of the plate, the screw hinges on the inside of the temple arms, telling that one belongs to another Sabae's Optical Story. What is rare is that CRAFSIS is of excellent quality, but the price is quite reasonable, and it will be a good choice for novice glasses.

CARFSIS produces a lot of details, all of which are the hard work of the craftsmen.

Selected models:


CFR-112 is a gentleman's choice - an elegant medium gold Wellington frame, the metal engraving is so exquisite, and the cutting of the plate is moderate, whether it is thick or thin, it is a powerful tool for creating a literary temperament.


CRF-127 frames have an indescribable beauty—you can't tell what's attractive, but you just can't take your eyes off it. Maybe because of its delicate and elegant metal pattern; maybe because of its smooth plate frame; or maybe because its round but not round frame is too life-like. Sometimes imperfection itself is a kind of perfection.

If you want to check the details, you can use the following methods:

Store Tel: 23232639

Whatsapp : 52255228

URL: https://kanayama-crafts. com/collections/crafsis

Facebook: Kanayama Crafts

IG: Kanayamacrafts

Store address: Shop 124, Sino Centre, 582-592 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon (upper two floors of escalator)